for the community of Marlpit, Larkman, North and West Earlham


The henderson trust is a...

...local charity that aims to improve the lives of local people and  the environment in the areas of Marlpit, Larkman, North and West Earlham in West Norwich (UK).  The Henderson Trust is particularly important to the local community because it covers one of the most deprived areas in the UK.

In the Henderson Trust area:

  • There are around 6,000 households
  • 35.3% of the population are under 24 (30.76% in the rest of England)
  • 42% of households are social landlord / council tenants (9% in the rest of England)
  • Twice as many households have no adults working with dependent children than the average in the rest of England
  • The percentage of pupils with special educational needs is over 7% higher than England as a whole
  • The local GP surgery has 50% more patients diagnosed with mental health problems than the national average

The Trust runs, manages and supports a range of activities and projects in the four following main areas of need.

Health  Education & Training  Local Environment & Community  Work & Business

The Henderson Trust is funded from a variety of sources, whilst the majority of its income comes from the profits of the Henderson Business Centre. This makes it a unique and sustainable charity right in the heart of the community.